The only institution of its kind in the western United States, La Escuela Argentina de Los Angeles utilizes substantial resources to bring over 34 years of experience as an educational vehicle for enrichment studies benefiting many generations of our young people.


Offering our services to the entire Latin American community of southern California, we collaborate with the parents to preserve and pass on aspects of our culture with which we identify.


Fostering an environment of mutual respect, solidarity and advanced academics, children and young adults have an opportunity to become familiar with our cultural values and programs proposed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Argentina. The diplomas obtained through a full course of study, upon completion, are recognized in the countries with which the Republic of Argentina has signatory agreements: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


The educational curriculum adheres to objectives established by the Ministry of Education in accordance to the Argentinean Federal Law of Education. In addition, L.E.A.L.A. has adapted core curriculum to accommodate the multicultural and multinational characteristics found in the southern California student population.


La Escuela Argentina's main purpose is to encourage students to foster their logical and critical thinking skills by facilitating their development, supporting the achievement of their maximum potential as men and women who grow up conscious of their cultural heritage and who are responsible for their actions, respectful of diverse cultures and may become prepared to actively participate in our society.


1. To provide education with the primary focus on the Latin American culture, including history, geography and literature, along with moral and civic subjects, which ideally would lead towards a visit to Latin America.


2. To provide a bicultural and bilingual foundation with knowledge of Latin America.


3. To grant diplomas recognized in Argentina, Spain and other Latin American countries.