La Escuela Argentina de Los Angeles was established on April 9, 1983, for the purpose of offering classes to children of Argentinean and Latin American descent. The idea was proposed to the then General Consul of Argentina, Don Justino Riobo. He presented the project to a group of Argentinean residents in Los Angeles that immediately took up his proposal and began to look for the means to make it a reality. Among the members, Mrs. Elba Bonini, who held various degrees in education in the United States of America and in Argentina, was given the position of Principal of the school.

The teaching staff was immediately hired. The Argentine and Latin American institutions were notified and made aware of the forming of this new school, so that they could inform families with school aged children. The goals were, and continue to be, primarily to ensure that the knowledge of their native language is preserved and enhanced, that their traditions are maintained, and that they may be able to perceive the best of both cultures: that of their native homeland and that of the adopted country of which they are exposed on a daily basis. The school opened in the City of San Marino, at San Marino High School.

The inaugural ceremony included many guests, consisting of representatives of scholastic authorities of Los Angeles, Consul Generals of various Latin American countries, Argentine institutions, parents of the students and 90 students who had begun attendance at the school, which was the only one of its kind in the western region of the United States of America, that would formally educate children on Latin American culture.

In 1986, three years after its opening in San Marino High School, and by formal invitation from the University of Southern California (USC), through their Vice President, Dr. Samuel Mark, La Escuela Argentina de Los Angeles moved to John Tracy Clinic; and continues its education at: Foothill Oaks Academy, 822 Bradbourne Ave. Duarte, CA 91010.

In 1987, La Escuela Argentina de Los Angeles was officially recognized by the Argentinean Board of Education which signified that from such date all scholastic titles and certificates awarded by the school to its students would be recognized by the Argentine school systems and by other Hispanic countries.

Since its commencement, the school has been praised by various authorities and parents; and its educating efforts have been crowned by the success of its former alumni, who upon furthering their education in Argentine Universities and by those who have continued their education in the United States of America, have excelled because of their vast knowledge of the Castilian language.

The school has been visited by numerous Ambassadors of Argentina, by Argentine government officials, writers and painters, by members of other Latin- American communities, and by various forms of media in Los Angeles and Argentina.

Since 1989, the school has been recognized as a registered, nonprofit organization under the name L.E.A.L.A. of California, Inc.